Up and Running…

I used to feel more inadequate than inspired by people who were up at the crack of dawn.  Especially by the ones who were not only UP but up and RUNNING. Literally.

I guess, if I dig deep, I can remember thinking “Good for you”.  As if that lifestyle is for some people, those people.  But not for me.

And then something changed.  It could’ve been my kids that f*cked with my internal clock when they were babies.  Whatever it was, a few years ago, early mornings crept into my heart. Since then, getting up early meant sitting outside and working…some days I would meditate…some days I would have a coffee…some days I would journal and recently, I started starting my day reading and listening to The Bible in One Year.

All of this I would do in the wee hours…while the house and everyone in it still slept.

It was GLORIOUS!  It IS glorious.

If I have to pee, I pee ALONE!

Not once.  Not one time do I hear a question being asking 23 times…in.a.row..  Never do I hear the sighs and whines and cries that follow the same answer 23 times in.a.row..  I don’t have to tell anyone once, let alone 7-10 times in a matter of minutes, to get off the counter.  Nor do I need to remind anyone to use their manners.

The first two hours of my day are pure bliss.  No matter what I do.

Now today though…today was different.

Today, I turned into one of those people.

The ones who get up and RUN.  Before 5:00 a.m.!

I told myself it’s because it’s too hot to run during the day.  Which is true in my books. But it wasn’t only that. It was that I woke up feeling like a racehorse chomping at the bit behind the gate before it slams open and they are free…able let loose and tear off.  That’s how I felt. Like I needed to breathe the morning in.  I needed to feast my eyes on the breathtaking colours of the sky at sunrise.  I needed to be free.

So…I’m not sure if I started something new this morning or if that was a one-off.

Either way, I am thankful to those people who showed me the way.  I realize I was never inadequate.  Some people choose mornings, others choose evenings and yet others choose something else.  It’s not the time that matters, it’s what we do with the time that matters.



PS…for those interested, I just started running and I’m using the 5K Runner app as my coach.

5 thoughts on “Up and Running…

  1. Getting up before the sun and everyone else is kind of the best. I have a lot of coworkers who think i’m crazy. I think if they knew how it felt they’d come right along ;).


  2. Loved this bri. I will never be a runner but I have started to do art in the morning. And in the evening. If I get 10 min i will work on it. Finding that passion is what fuels me and keeps me going even if I had little sleep.


    1. Never huh? 😘

      I am loving the art you’re sharing. If I didn’t already have more passions than I know what to do with I’d be trying my hand at painting….one of these days.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok I shouldn’t say never cause you never know! Lol.


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